Exclusively handmade to order in a choice of rich plush velvets, cosy felts and soft-touch linens for lasting comfort. Our compilation of luxurious upholstered beds will be the centre piece of your bedroom and the perfect place to relax.

  • Lenta Bed

    Lenta Bed

    From £725 £652.50
  • Milla Bed

    Milla Bed

    From £1,075 £967.50
  • Abronia Bed

    Abronia Bed

    From £910 £819
  • Alto Bed

    Alto Bed

    From £549 £494.10
  • Velvety Alto Bed

    Velvety Alto Bed

    From £549 £494.10
  • Vienne Bed

    Vienne Bed

    From £699 £629.10