Best Apps to Track and Improve Your Sleep

When it comes to sleep, not all of us are blessed with the ability to simply climb under the duvet, rest our weary head on the pillow and slip quickly off into a tranquil sleep to awaken 8 hours later refreshed and rested. Whether it’s work stress, a new born baby or just good old fashioned unexplained insomnia, struggling to get to sleep can be all encompassing.

We’ve compiled a list of the best apps to help not only improve your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep, but also track your sleeping patterns during the night to help you wake up revitalised and full of beans.


Pzizz offers you ‘sleep at the push of a button’ by generating scientifically researched sounds that can help you relax. You are taken on a cosmic dreamscape which combines guided imagery, muscle relaxation, hypnosis and mindfulness all lead by your choice of male or female voice over. The app itself is free but there are in-app purchases if you wish to add more features to your soundscape.

Sleep Cycle

This app is a basically a high-tech version of a regular alarm clock. You place your phone near you as you sleep, and using the microphone, the app tracks your sleep patterns. It then analyses when to wake you up, choosing your lightest sleep phase and using a ‘wake-up phase’ (generally about 30 minutes) that allows you to gently arise so you are less groggy.


If you are plagued with night time anxieties that send your mind racing into the small wee hours of the morning, then Headspace may be the app for you. The app assigns you different mediation sessions, each only taking a few minutes to complete, that should help you feel relaxed and centred before you hit the sack.

Sleep Genius

Based on the science NASA uses to help astronauts get sleep, this app creates sounds that guide your brain through an entire sleep cycle, helping you drift off to sleep, sleep more soundly and wake at your body’s optimal time.


Noisli is not just for sleep, but can help you throughout the day too, creating custom sounds that drown out external noises so you can work and sleep better.


Recolor is the perfect pre-bedtime app to help you channel your anxiety and clear your mind, ready for a good night’s sleep. Recolor has more than 1000 images from a huge variety of categories, with a new one appearing daily, alongside a gorgeous colour palette, so you can colour and create to your hearts content. This soothing activity helps you to relax and rest your overactive mind, something which in this day and age we struggle to do very often.

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