How To: Display Artwork in the Bedroom

How To: Display Artwork in the Bedroom

Just because your bedroom is not often frequented by people other than you and your family, it doesn’t mean that it can’t benefit from some beautiful displays of artwork. Art helps to set the theme of a room, as well as create a tranquil and calming environment. Here are some of our top tips on how best to display your chosen artwork in your bedroom.

Consider The Art

Don’t just put up a piece of art for the sake of it, choose each piece carefully. Generally, you want a piece that has a personal meaning, has sentimental value or simply elicits an emotional response as you view it, either through the image or the colours used in the painting.

Don’t Overdo It

Less really is more. Just because you have an empty space on your wall doesn’t mean it needs to be jampacked full of art. You want to create a relaxing environment, not a cluttered one.

Use Your Art to Set The Mood/Theme In Your Bedroom

Ideally you want your bedroom to be a place that you can relax and unwind in, away from the day to day stresses of your everyday life. Use your art choices to create this tranquil environment. Avoid dark and depressing paintings or pieces that will overstimulate, opting for calmer, lighter art, in keeping with a serene and relaxing space.

Mix and Match

Not all the frames need to be the same size or style, in fact, mixing and matching these will create a visual style in itself.

Think About Positioning

The space above your bed is a great place to hang your art work, creating a fabulous focal point and drawing your eye as soon as you enter the room. Placement of this piece needs to be considered though, as you don’t want it too high above the bed head. Generally, you want to position the frame about 20 to 25 centimetres above the top of the bedhead.

Similarly, other art work in your bedroom should be placed at eye level, approximately 145 to 152 centimetres from the floor, meaning that the pieces can be viewed easily without having to look upwards.

Feng Shui

For a feng shui technique, place a piece of art on the wall opposite your bed. According to feng shui philosophy, you should hang a picture on that wall that inspires you, makes you feel good about yourself, your life and your abilities. What a fabulous image to wake up to every morning, helping to start your day in positive way.

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