How To: Make Your Bedroom Instagrammable

Oh, the things we will do for the ‘gram’!! Scour coffee shops to find the perfect cappuccino foam art, let our brunch go cold whilst we try to get the best angle for our avo on toast and interrupt every night out to capture the perfect bestie snap!

But have you ventured into the world of interior Instagram pictures? Lifestyle Instagram bloggers are fast becoming the most popular types of account and if you want to be riding that social media wave, then it’s time to start instagramming your gorgeous interiors. And where better to start than your very own safe haven - your bedroom!

Here are a few tips to help make sure your bedroom is as instagrammable as possible, and the ‘likes’ come flooding in from the moment you press ‘share’!

Bold Furniture

To make your pictures really pop you need to add hints and splashes of colour to your bedroom. Accessories, like cushions and rugs, are an easy way to do this, but for a bolder and more impressive look, colourful pieces of furniture are the way to go. Bright armchairs or statement bed headboards, for example.  Not only do these larger items help to add some interest to your decor but will also create a fantastic focal point for your picture.


Elevate your bedroom by adding pillows and cushions. The fantastic thing about pillows is they can be changed quickly and relatively cheaply, meaning that you can update your bedroom décor regularly! Also, nothing is too much when it comes to bed dressing. Pillows can be large, small, patterned, furry, personalised…whatever takes your fancy. They also create an inviting and cosy bed, just calling to be climbed into.


Welcome the new era of the ‘Shelfie’ – instagrammable shelving units that add a bit of interest to your otherwise boring storage solutions. Rather than just using your shelves to house your books and perfume bottles, create an aesthetically pleasing display by adding small pots of plants, gorgeous vintage bottles and tasteful trinkets.


Whilst mirrors are a practicality in any bedroom, rather than opting for a standard square mirror, try statement pieces for a truly instagrammable look. A large lean-to mirror which will create the illusion of space by reflecting light into your bedroom to give it a more airy feel. Or create a gorgeous mirrored dressing table area, fill it with beautiful bits and bobs, like vintage perfume spray bottles and glass powder puff jars, and get snapping!


Not only do indoor plants help create cleaner, healthier air in your bedroom but they look pretty fab too! There are a huge number of fabulous plant pots to choose from, including hanging pots which really do create a statement in your bedroom. If you are worried that your green fingers aren’t green enough and your beloved plants will die quickly, then opt for easy to care for varieties like Aloe and Snake plants.

And there you have it – with just a few extra touches you have a perfectly instagrammable bedroom…now just sit back and wait for the ‘likes’ to start popping up!

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