Why We All Need to Stop Working in Bed

There is something so cosy about the idea of working in bed - curled up on your big bed, propped up by lots of fluffy pillows, wearing your comfiest pyjamas and softest socks, away from the hubbub of the noisy office. But, the reality is often far from this. Cue bad backs, numb feet and lonely hours spent staring at your laptop, not to mention the boredom of not having anyone to talk to about the passive aggressive email you just received from accounts!

However, working in bed can have an even deeper impact on you and your health, both physically and mentally.

Inability to Unwind

We all need time in our day to unwind, away from the stresses of everyday life, and for most of us the place to do this is in the peace and quiet of our bedroom. However, if your bedroom is also your office, then your mind may have a tough time making that distinction and struggle to ever let you truly relax. Your bedroom is no longer just your safe haven, and instead has become an amalgamation of the two, making both working and relaxing equally difficult to do. Plus, having all your work paraphernalia within your bedroom is not conducive to a calming space. Laptops, TVs and iPads really should be removed from your bedroom (regardless of whether you work in there) to help create a tranquil space with no electronic distractions.

Physical Health

Working at a computer in bed is not good for us physically. We tend to sit badly, perhaps with our legs crossed, hunched over the laptop, which can lead to issues with your posture and severe back pain, causing long term damage if continued over time.

Work/Home Divide

It is important that you have a separation between your work life and your home life. We all need a balance between the two to help maintain a healthy mind and body. The association can lead to problems at night, meaning that when trying to sleep your mind can still be in work mode. There is nothing stopping you quickly checking your emails, replying to a few and before you know it is 4am and you’ve been working for hours. Keeping work separate is important. If you do work from home, then try working in your kitchen, living room or even in a local café. Maintaining boundaries helps to give you a balanced lifestyle, where work and home are separate.

Sleep Issues

If you work from bed you may find yourself tapping away at your computer until bedtime, but this screen time can cause issues when trying to fall asleep. The bright screens of a laptop or phone reduces the melatonin you need to help you fall asleep. This can lead to issues with insomnia or cause interrupted night’s sleep, which will affect not just how you function the next day, but can lead to depression and anxiety too.


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