RTS Loves: 5 Pieces to Revamp Your Bedroom

With the new year, comes new beginnings, resolutions, targets and goals. The new year also brings the opportunity to start fresh, and with that, it’s the perfect time to finally revamp the rooms that may well have taken a hit during those December slumbers. Here are our top 5 pieces that can totally transform and revamp your bedroom:


A luxurious four-poster bed is on a lot of people’s wish list, thanks to their ability to be both functional and luxurious. Four-poster beds are both ample in size, and safe in structure, and add a unique and interesting focal point to any room. Four-poster beds have for a long time had a reputation associated with fancy hotel rooms and Royalty, yet this modern take on an all time classic would be perfect for adding timeless luxury to any bedroom.


Gold accents are most definitely having a moment, and it’s easy to see why. Adding a touch of glamour to any room, the Aurum mirror is perfect for drawing attention to a corner or dressing table. It’s unique shape and curved edges make this stylish frame perfect for pairing with matching accessories, instantly updating any room.


More commonly known as millennial pink, the dusky shade is oh so perfectly pretty and proper and brightens up any room. Layering chunky soft furnishings adds a real sense of cosiness in the room and can bring a feeling of luxury contemporary to your slumber. Look to knitted textures and contrasting colours to really amp up the luxe feel.


Industrial chic epitomises cool interior style and adding a touch of metallic hardware to a room can completely change the overall feel. The Asnen trunks create a corner of interest, as well as being perfectly practical, thanks to their large interiors and abundance of storage space.


Gone are the days where bedroom storage means only cupboards, drawers and clunky boxes. Spotted in so many designers homes, and across trendy interior lead social media accounts, storage baskets are most definitely in. The natural relaxed shape and colour adds a sense of casual calm to the room, whilst keeping on trend and looking chic in the process.

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