RTS LOVES: Bedroom Storage

As much as we may want our bedrooms to be Pinterest perfect, with not a pillow out of place, there is the little issue of practicality! Whilst bedrooms should be inviting and cosy, they are also a place to store our various essential ‘bits and bobs’ like clothes, makeup and books. But bedroom storage, whilst a necessity, need not be boring, bland or basic! Here are our tops tips on how to create stylish bedroom storage that will keep everything you need safe whilst looking pretty on trend too!

Storage Beds

Beds that incorporate storage into their structure are a great practical option as they take up no extra space but offer you heaps of room. There are hundreds of storage bed styles to choose from including bed bases that lift up to reveal hidden space or underbed drawers that pull out easily.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets need not be reserved simply for plants. Hang them in your bedroom and use them to store smaller items, such as toiletries, hats or socks.

Blanket Boxes

Blanket boxes are not just for blankets, they can store anything you fancy from bed linen to shoes (and of course, blankets). Placed at the foot of your bed, they create a fabulous feature as well as an extra seating area too.

Suitcase Bedside Table

For a vintage look, stacking old trunks next to your bed provides not just a handy extra storage space, but also a stylish bedside table. Just ensure that the items you store in the cases are not ones you need to use every day, as it may become a tad frustrating removing all your bedside paraphernalia from the top every time you need to grab something.

Cork Wall

If you are a bit of a jewellery hoarder, you may struggle to find the best place to keep all your various necklaces, bracelets and rings, without them becoming a tangled mess. A corkboard placed in a beautiful frame can be hung on your bedroom wall and your jewellery pinned up, creating a handy but stylish storage solution.

DIY Shoe Organiser

Most of us love shoes, but they are awkward items to store. Keep them out of the way, but easy to access, by attaching a peg board to the back of your wardrobe door and hanging your shoes on the pegs.

Hanging Shelves

These are the perfect solution if you require shelves but you don’t want to take up any unnecessary floor space, as they simply attach to your wall but still make a fabulous bedroom feature!

Dressing Table

Dressing tables are an elegant addition to a bedroom, and whilst it may seem that they take up too much room, in the right space, they actually offer a luxurious storage solution. All your make up, perfumes and moisturisers can be stored neatly away in easy to access drawers.

Drawer Organisers

Storing items in drawers, whilst practical, can become a bit of a nightmare as they tend to get muddled and jumbled together. Drawer organisers provide handy compartments for your smaller items, so they are easy to find whilst keeping everything neat and tidy!

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