RTS Loves: Four Poster Beds

Four poster beds are thought to be a traditional British style, often seen in the bedrooms of grand hotels and royalty. They have a vast history and carry a certain level of status, they are now known for their style and historical charm. Four poster beds are an opulent, highly coveted symbol of style and wealth. It is thought that the style originated in Austria, before migrating to England and increasing in popularity. Records of the four-poster bed date back as far as the late 14th century.

Four poster beds are often associated with romance and elegance; however, they came into existence purely for practical reasons. Bed chambers were usually cold, and windows let in a lot of wind. Four poster beds were designed so that once the curtains were drawn, the cold chill of the bedroom could not be felt in bed. They also added an element of privacy when royalty were sharing rooms with maids.

The beds of royalty and nobility tended to be decorated in such a way to represent status. They would be carved and painted with beautiful patterns and family crests.

2019 Trend

Four poster beds are making an epic comeback in 2019 and are predicted to be a big trend in bedroom design this year. Room to Sleep loves this trend as four poster beds have come a long way since their opulent beginnings. They now tend to be of a more clean and chic design, with clean lines and dark colours and without canopies or curtains. Their sleeker design makes them much more versatile for inclusion in a range of bedroom sizes and in align with many styles, from minimalist to elegantly chic themes. Despite the difference in design, four poster beds still have a massive impact on bedroom design and are the perfect injection of luxury.


The extravagant and elegant air of a four-poster bed will have you sleeping like a King or Queen. The long-standing symbol of style and wealth will bring a touch of luxury into any bedroom; they now come in variety of styles to compliment any bedroom design. This dramatic piece of furniture will make you feel secure, comforted and cosy. As a statement piece, four poster beds command attention as the focal point of the room; they’re almost guaranteed to become a conversation starter.


There are a variety of ways you can accessorize your four-poster bed, and the style you choose will impact your approach. If you opt for a minimal style, complete with clean lines, extend this trend throughout the entire room. Carefully select minimalistic pieces, from armchairs to dressing tables and wardrobes. It’s equally important to not overdo it on the furnishings front - make sure not to clutter your bedroom space as this will distract from the bed, which should be the focal point.

If you prefer a more traditional style, with a warm wooden structure and a canopy, don’t be afraid to complement this with lavish and extravagant accessories. When seeking out individual furnishings, stick to those with warm tones, such as fabrics in oranges and reds. It may also be nice to introduce traditional patterns through accessories such as bed linens, cushions and throws.

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