RTS LOVES: Living Coral, Colour of the Year

Colour experts Pantone have chosen a peachy orange shade, better known as Living Coral, as it’s colour of the year for 2019. Although more pink at first inspection, Pantone describe shade 16-1546 as “an animated, life-affirming shade of orange” and we for one couldn’t be more pleased.

Orange in general is well known for its association with feelings of joy, enthusiasm and creativity, and this particular shade of coral is no different. Pantone describes the colour as “Energising and enlivening” that should “encourage comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment”. The team go on further to suggest that Living Coral embraces with “warmth and nourishment” and is therefore quite simply a perfect choice for inclusion within the home.  To us, colours that you choose for your home should make you feel relaxed and content within your environment.  This simply means choosing a colour that makes you feel comfortable and positive in your own home.

Taking inspiration from far corners of the globe, Living Coral encompasses all that is familiar and desirable in nature. Thanks to the glorious display beneath the sea itself, this stunning colour tantalises both the eyes and the soul, and inspires a kaleidoscope of colour, much like that seen in the reefs themselves. The shade screams refined fun, and is a welcome addition to the interiors colour palette.

So how can the shade of the year be implemented within the home?

Thanks to its nurturing properties, Living Coral’s golden undertones radiate positivity, and inspire a sense of comfort, making it the perfect choice for inclusion within the bedroom. Whether you’re choosing to go all out and cover the walls, or introduce gently through soft furnishings and accessories, Living Coral works through all seasons, with bright tropical ambiences in the warm summer months, and deeper, muskier terracotta’s and oranges come autumn.

If you’re wanting to dip your toe into the trend, start with the inclusion of cushions or throws, and build up until you are comfortable with the level of coral within your abode. Small details can make all the difference but are also easy to replace if or when you become tired of the trend.

Coral works particular well with contrasting colours such as blue and yellow, thanks to its playful properties, and its ability draw attention to the eye.

Coral and turquoise are fantastically contrasting colour, perfect for teaming together if you’re looking to create drama or impact within the room. For a more subtle and calming influence within the bedroom, bed linen is a great place to start. Florals and patterns work particularly well when paired with block colour cushions or headboards.

Representing the fusion of modern life, PANTONE Living Coral is the perfect addition to any bedroom, thanks to its influential and feel-good properties. Whether including through accents, or indulging in a feature wall, the colour of the year is sure to set you on the right path and create a warm and wonderful atmosphere within your home.

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