RTS Loves: Luxe Velvet

Luxe velvet is becoming an increasingly popular interior design material, adding an elegant and sumptuous feel to a room, as well as being incredibly durable. By just adding splashes of luxe velvet to your bedroom you can create a whole new feel, and one so on trend that it will be an instant instagrammable success!

Looking for some Luxe Velvet inspo? Here are some of our favourite interior ideas:


Perhaps one of the most popular luxe velvet trends of the moment, velvet beds. They transform your bedroom, creating a statement feature for your space. You can buy some truly fabulous velvet upholstered beds, like our stunning Velvety Alto Bed, a gorgeous contemporary bed which exudes quality. Or, why not explore our full collection of Upholstered Beds which are available in a range of luxury velvets (along with many other sumptuous fabrics).

Add Warmth

If you want to add warmth to your bedroom, this doesn’t need to be achieved only by splashes of warm colour; fabrics can also do this, and luxe velvet is perhaps one of the best options. A simple velvet throw on your bed, or a sumptuous luxe cushion adds a cosy feel to your room.

Gold Gilding

Pairing gold with luxe velvet is a super easy way to create an utterly glamorous look to your bedroom. Try placing gold bedside table lamps alongside a luxe velvet bed cover, or gold flecked wallpaper behind a sumptuous luxe velvet armchair.

Start Small

If you are unsure of how best to dress your room in luxe velvet and are worried about overkill, start small. Perhaps just a small velvet pillow or two. If that works, then you can start to add more velvet accessories to your room.

Go Bold

Or, if you are well versed in the ways of velvet accessories, why not just go for it. Heavy, velvet drapes, huge, cosy, velvet armchairs and large, velvet cushions add eye-catching drama to your bedroom. But word to the wise, whilst being bold is a good idea, make sure you don’t over do it, mix your velvets with some other fabrics too.

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