RTS Style: 5 ways to add texture to your bedroom

Flicking through a home magazine, pages are beautifully filled with well dressed beds, perfectly decorated bedrooms and stylish finishing touches. If you find yourself wondering how to add style to your bedroom, to make it like the picture-perfect kind you see in the magazines, look no further than texture. Incorporating different textures will add depth, character and charm to your bedroom.

Here are five ways in which you can add texture

  1. Textured throws are not only a great style choice but are so comfortable. You can really experiment with textures when it comes to throws, from faux fur to cable knit and waffle. Draping a gorgeous throw at the end of your bed will help you to achieve that messy chic look or alternatively, to channel a hotel-room feel you can fold it neatly and place at end of the bed.
  2. Plants are a great way to add texture and life into your bedroom. If you’re interested in creating your own urban jungle it is good to talk to people in the know. Going to markets and garden centres and speaking to the people who work there can help you decide what plants are best for you. Whether you’re wanting a few simple potted plants dotted around your bedroom, or to create your very own tropical wonderland inside your home there are so many plants to choose from. Experiment with different textures and you may also want to consider hanging rope pots to add texture on different levels in your room.
  3. You can bring texture to your room through your bed and its headboard. For a rustic natural feel, look for a solid wood bed in different textures. Or, for a more glamourous feel, select a plush velvet finished style. You may wish to experiment with colour and choose a bright yellow or green to make a bold statement or stick with neutral hues in a beige or pale pink if you’re going for an understated chic feel.
  4. Art ties a room together. Art can be a great way to add texture to your bedroom. There are plenty of pieces available from independent retailers; from hanging oil paintings to tapestries, find a striking piece that represents your personality and works with the theme you’re trying to achieve.
  5. Add textures through furniture. If you're blessed with a big bedroom and plenty of floor space, you can look to introduce new textures through statement furniture pieces, such as an armchair made of leather or a cool coloured fabric. Place this next to a marble topped table or a wooden desk to add a thrifty vibe to your room. One off pieces that reflect your personality can make a room really special. Alternatively, if space is limited, you might want to think about purchasing a vintage wood or elegant fabric trunk to place at the end of your bed; not only are they stylish but also a clever storage solution.
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