RTS STYLE: The Art of Bedroom Zen

In this busy, non-stop world it is important for us to spend some time on ourselves, in a tranquil environment with little distraction. Some ‘me-time’, whether that is reading a book, taking a long bath or even meditation; time on our own is good for both our mental and physical health.

But with the increase in technology and social media, finding a place to truly unwind can be hard. Even our own homes can be a place of chaos, where TVs are constantly on and mobile phones forever bleeping with Facebook notifications and Instagram likes. But rather than venturing out to an overpriced spa, with a few tweaks, you can turn your bedroom into its very own Zen space, perfect to escape the busy outside world and relax.

Move Your Bed

Feng shui is a popular concept that many people believe helps create a calming and healing environment by placing furniture and objects in specific places in a room to allow energy to flow freely. Using some basic feng shui techniques, like the placement of your bed, can help to create a Zen bedroom. Beds should be placed so you can see the door whilst you are in bed, creating a protected space that will help you relax.


The colour blue has long been heralded as the colour of the mind, helping to promote mental soothing. Add a few splashes of soft blue to your bedroom, whether it’s a feature wall or in your accessories, to create a tranquil and peaceful ambience.

Soft and Natural Lighting

Once you are ready for bed, you want your room to be as dark as possible to help promote sleep, so you may want to think about black out blinds or thick curtains. However, in the daytime, the light should be as natural as possible. If you are lucky enough to have large, open windows then let the natural light flow in. Alternatively, if you have a darker room, remove all harsh lighting, replacing with soft sources of light like table and floor lamps (dimmer switches are good), as well as candles.

Remove Clutter

A tidy room equals a tidy mind, so try to avoid clutter by finding places to store all of your smaller items, such as toiletries and make up, away from sight. Where possible, also avoid displaying too many trinkets, keeping decorations and ornaments to a minimum – simplicity is key when it comes to a Zen bedroom.

Ban Screens

To create a truly tranquil bedroom you need to remove any electronic disturbances from your bedroom. TV’s, iPads and computers are a source of constant distraction and can cause problems with sleep and your ability to totally turn off. If you need a TV in your bedroom, then place it in a discrete area or hide it in a specially designed cupboard which can be opened as and when you need to use it.


Indoor plants offer a whole host of benefits including helping to keep oxygen flowing, deterring illness, cleaning the air and improving concentration, memory and productivity. Their soothing green colours also have an incredibly calming effect, making them a fantastic addition to any truly Zen bedroom.

Now, switch off your phone, turn off your mind and relax in your newly Zen bedroom, ooommmm!!

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