RTS Style: Interior Trends of 2019

RTS STYLE: Interior Trends of 2019

Yes, it’s that time of year again; the new year is just around the corner, New Year’s Eve parties are being organised and plans for January diets are already being formulated (and ignored!). But, if you’re anything like us, the real excitement of the new year is discovering what the next year’s interior trends are, giving us a whole new excuse to redesign and redecorate our home, as well as to buy more gorgeous things!


There is nothing quite like velvet. The sumptuous, opulent fabric just screams luxury and adds a certain je ne sais quoi to any room of your house. Whether you choose one statement velvet piece, like a chair or a bed, or a collection of velvety accessories, your room will be right at the forefront of this 2019 trend!


There are a few stand out colours for 2019, including ‘Spiced Honey’ (essentially warm caramel tones) and nude, but our favourite for the new year is green, and more specifically ‘Nightwatch Green’. This deep green hue looks fabulous in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens alike, creating a dramatic look to any of these rooms.

Dark Kitchens

In keeping with the green colour trend of the new year, dark kitchen cabinets are also topping the list of enviable interior styles of 2019. Whether it’s black, navy blue or deep green, these strong colours will automatically turn your kitchen into a statement with just a simple flick of a paint brush.


Tassels are back in a big way. Adorning cushions, mirrors, curtains or lamps, fringing adds a fabulous twist to our home interiors.

Statement Ceilings

So, we’ve had feature walls making an appearance in seemingly every home across the entire nation for the last god knows how many years, but now is time for the statement ceiling. Whether you choose to paint, wallpaper or adorn with accessories, your ceiling is now the place to let your creativity loose.

Sustainable Materials

With climate change making an even bigger impact on our world than we thought possible, 2019 really should be the year of sustainability, and interior design is no exception. Sustainable materials such as cork or bamboo are becoming increasingly popular, alongside sustainable textiles and natural fibres like hemp, flax and wool. Similarly, 2019 will have a real emphasis on reusing old or leftover materials to make new products for your home, whether that is upcycling an old blanket box, or recomposing marble into a new kitchen worktop, anything you can do will help.

There you have it, some of the top trends of 2019 to whet your appetite before the 1st January! You  better start saving now!

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