How To: Start the new year with a positive mindset

The power of positive thinking is a concept that has increased in popularity, thanks to the recent trend in society in which we are all more mindful, and more aware of our wellbeing. It may feel a little cliché, but there are so many physical and mental benefits to positive thinking, including confidence, improved mood and improved sleeping habits. Whilst new year’s resolutions may not be at the top of your agenda, starting the year with a positive mindset could be just the trick for a fantastic 2019.


Focus on the good things

Focusing on the benefits of any given situation is a fantastic way to build a positive mindset. In certain situations, it’s often easier to focus on the negatives, but pushing yourself to focus on the benefits, no matter how big or small, can make all the difference. For example, if you’re stuck in traffic and going to be late, focus on the fact that you get to listen to more of your favourite album!



Most day’s never run quite as smoothly as you had originally planned, and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed or frustrated when obstacles get in the way. When these challenges present themselves, remind yourself that one day, you will be able to laugh at your misfortune. Finding the humour in any testing situation is a great way to turn a negative into a positive – and can make for a fantastic future story.


Live in the moment

It’s often easy to focus on what has been, rather than what currently is. Instead of worrying about the past, focusing on what you can do now is a great way to bring positivity into your environment. It may be easier said than done, but living in the moment can reduce worry, and increase feelings of contentment. Focus on the little things that are happening around you, be it finding beauty in nature, or enjoying little luxuries at home such as a bubble bath, or a quiet moment to yourself.


Stop comparing

In the age of social media, it’s understandable that more often than not, you may find you are comparing yourself to others. It’s worth remembering that social media isn’t a true reflection of life itself and removing these comparisons from your life will help to reduce any feelings of envy, and support a more positive outlook.


Do something for others

Sometimes the best way to boost your own mood is to boost someone else’s. Finding a worthy cause to dedicate some time to, be it regularly volunteering or simply helping someone cross the street, can brighten your day and support a positive mindset. Helping others is particularly rewarding, thanks to its ability to give both a sense of purpose, and help you feel like you are making a difference in someone else’s life.

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