Why take part in the Great British Spring Clean?

The Great British Spring Clean is the country’s biggest ever mass action environmental campaign. The goal is to collect and dispose of single use plastic which is littering streets, parks and beaches across the UK; recycling as much as possible.

By getting involved you will get out of the house and help one of the biggest British clean up operations. There are a few ways to get involved; you can join your local clean up or host your own. The Great British Spring Clean is taking place between March 22nd and April 23rd, 2019.

Make sure not to neglect your home and get spring cleaning inside the house also. The coming of spring represents a fresh start, so what better time to give your home a boost with a spring clean! The kitchen and living areas are a great place to start but make sure you don’t forget your bedroom, which can often be a last thought. However, your bedroom should be your sanctuary, and by having a clear out and clean, you will truly be able to relax and enjoy it to its full potential. You know how the saying goes; tidy room, tidy mind!

The task in hand can feel daunting, so break it down and create yourself a bedroom cleaning checklist. By doing so, you can also be confident that you won’t miss or forget anything.

Bedroom cleaning checklist

You’ll need: Microfibre cleaning and polishing cloths, all purpose spray, a duster, dish soap and water (for cleaning walls), baking soda, a vacuum with attachments, a mop and some bin bags.

  1. Begin with a quick tidy around. Your clean will take a lot longer if you’re having to manoeuvre around loose items, rubbish and laundry. Starting with a blank canvas will make it easier to get through your jobs.
  2. Clean the surfaces. Dust the shelves and table tops before moving on to the walls. You can safely and effectively wipe the walls down with soapy water. Don’t forget to address your blinds and or curtains; although sometimes easy to miss, they collect dust and will need some TLC.
  3. Address the light fixtures. After turning the lights off, make sure to clean the light fixtures, high and low. Replace light bulbs where necessary and dust your lampshades, too.
  4. Give the windows a once over. You may have a window cleaner that perfects the outside of your windows, but the insides will most likely fall to you. Rid smears and smudges with a window cleaner and cloth, or alternatively mixing one-part hot water to one-part vinegar will do the trick! Make sure not to forget the handles and window frames, too.
  5. Drop to the floor. If your floors are carpeted, get the vacuum to work! Try shampoo or stain remover for discoloured patches and then open the windows to air out the house and dry the carpets. If you can, move furniture out of the way so you don’t miss anything.
  6. Clean the mattress and wash your bed linen. Everyone loves that fresh bedding feeling, right?! It is advisable to change your bed linen at least once every two weeks, however, while your deep cleaning your room, it makes sense to change the sheets too to top everything off. If you’re looking to treat yourself, invest in some new bed sheets to refresh your room for spring; crisp whites and floral patterns work really well. To clean your mattress, vacuum to begin before sprinkling baking soda all over. Give this time to absorb unwanted odours before vacuuming again and finally airing the mattress. You should repeat this a minimum of twice a year.
  7. Treat wooden furniture as required. Taking the time to treat solid wooden furniture will help to prevent any damage and promote longevity.
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